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Indie Record Label Dreamboy Pirates est. 2017

Founded in 2017 by Elisha Mugisho Ruboneka (Elisha The Pirate). The Indie Record Label Dreamboy Pirates was designed to be an Idealistic inclusive haven for the misfits we call creatives. We believe that genuinely high-grade creatives, being termed “Starving artists” because they refuse to conform, is an unfortunate reality. A reality that only Independent Record labels are willing to change.

The marginalisation of artists and creatives that choose to bring new insight into different creative artistic realms by pushing boundaries for artistic growth to showcase new worlds within Art & Entertainment. through new and original lenses is unfounded and is a true shame; This only proves the world’s unwillingness to evolve in Dreamboy Pirates’ Eyes.

And so a Pirate Ship for the misfits, the Pirates, the Creatives was Created.

The Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship

This ship is called The Dreamboy Pirate Ship.

In her Infancy, the Dreamboy Pirate ship is but an Indie Record Label. We aim to allow onboard those she believes deserve to work on the world stage.

A Dreamboy Pirate Crew Man or Woman is one that lives for adventure. Is driven by curiosity, fights for what he/she wants. Believes in his or her truth, his/her Goal/Dream and punishes those that intend to hurt or harm that of which they hold dear. 

We live life to the fullest in freedom as though we might die at any moment in this right here present! And so our hunger for adventure fuels The Dreamboy Pirates Crew.

What We believe in

Our Core Values

We do believe in each other’s goals as members of the Dreamboy Pirates;

Pirates protect each other’s dreams as if they were their own. 

We lend each other a hand in every single avenue of our lives. Be it a little Salt, the troubles of life itself, Music, Photography, Film. Or any other part of creative artistic outpour. 

It should therefore not come as a surprise. That battle against one of us is a battle against all of us. One gets no sympathy for hurting one of our own.

Indie Record Label dp’s Focus

Our Focus

The Dreamboy Pirate Ship was born to be the Pirate ship. The Ship that will carry and facilitate the journeys, of a select group of misfits on this blue Planet through their adventures in these waters; 

Our collective experiences begin with the challenge of traversing the hostile waters of the Entertainment business, specifically the Music Business. 

As we conquer these waters, we shall extend our reach to the treasures that lie beyond Music.

You can Help Us make this Adventure one that will bring joy not only to the Creatives under the Dreamboy Pirate ship But to you too and the rest of the world, as we will all enjoy the fruits of the Pirates’ labours. 

You can support us by sharing the word about us. By streaming/Purchasing the Art & Merch, being in the audience when a member of the Crew touches down in your city, and of course… in any way you fancy ;-).

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