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Business has been good but rough for Elisha since his signing of a deal with a major Record label back in 2017. A move that allowed him to be known on the Danish music scene.

His debut single ‘All Night’ was heavily rotated on Danish national radio (P3), and his EP ‘Remedy’ was praised to the skies by the Danish music press.
His performance on Spot Festival in 2019 was even acknowledged by Seattle radio station KEXP as one of the best performances on the festival that year.
On the outside things seemed to run smoothly, but behind the scenes, it has been anything but easy for Elisha.

Creative differences with the label and the feeling of losing control over the direction of his project led to Elisha losing his spark and motivation to write new music.

He had to pull the plug, move away from Copenhagen to find his core – To find out why and to whom he would write his music.
Now Elisha is back with rejuvenated creative energy, ready to release music through his own label.

The ‘Dreamboy Pirates’ wholly on his own terms.

Good Human’ was his first move – a murky and trappy song that strikes a raw and mystical chord showing a new and more intellectually founded side of Elisha.
‘Good Human’ investigates the ethics and virtues around what it means to be a good human in society’s eyes – and his own. It ponders the concept of freedom and how always striving for it can be a leash in itself.

He Has Since Then Released ”Richer’ featuring Vic Shinobi. “Richer” is a Single that captures the essence of the question “Is the grass greener on the other side?” in full detail.

What he himself terms “The True Beginning to the Adventure” is what is Next for Elisha. With his Pirate ship now slowly leaving the docks to explore the seas, Only time will tell the story of his and his Crew’s Adventures.

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